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Top Tree Pests and Parasites

Trees are susceptible to disease, and more often than not, these diseases are caused by tree pests and parasites.Early identification of the disease-causing pests, preventing an infestation and putting in place the necessary pest control measures goes a long way in preventing tree damage and even premature deaths of trees. Don’t let these pests make your trees sick and…

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What is Oak Wilt

Oak wilt has over the years and still continues to present a huge problem in various areas. It is caused by a fungus referred to as Ceratocystis fagacearum, which usually clogs a tree’s vascular system. The Oak tree, in an attempt to defend itself produces some structures, which end up plugging its water conducting vessels. This has a harmful…

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What happens if you cut off all the branches of a tree?

Many practices exist that improves the look and the health of a tree, and one of them is pruning. Pruning is a silvicultural and horticultural practice that involves selective removal of particular parts of a tree. This action is aimed at removing deadwood, sustaining or improving health, preparing seedlings for transplanting, redirecting/controlling growth, reducing likelihood from falling branches, and…

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