Best states for fall colors

Fall is considered the most beautiful time of the year by many. Crops are ready to harvest so there is no shortage of fresh pumpkin and apple pie. The air is cooler, so pleasant evenings outdoors is much easier to come by. The most beautiful thing about fall though is the trees.

Every year nature puts on a dazzling show of colors. As trees go from green to red, orange, and yellow, hillsides become vast swaths of vibrant color. Some states are a bit better for seeing this wonderful show though. Here are the top three states to watch the changing of the leaves in.


Although most known for their lobsters, Maine is also an incredibly lush state, and has some of the best state parks to watch the trees change in. Acadia National Park is a large park right on the coast that is filled with granite peaks, rocky beaches, and most importantly, vast forests.

The stark contrast of the rocks, water and trees create a very balanced feel and look to the coast like. If waking up early isn’t too much of a hassle, sunrise makes everything that much better. The state is also known for its abundance of blueberries, so there is no shortage of pie or muffins to eat while enjoying the spectacular view. The best time to visit is mid-September to mid-October.


This state was just made for the fall. Starting as early as Labor Day in some parts of the states, the trees put on a dazzling display. There are plenty of pumpkin patches, apple orchards and corn mazes, so there is no shortage of things to do in Minnesota in the fall.

The state has over 10,000 lakes and borders the Mississippi river, so getting a good view of the trees and their reflections is not too hard to do. The best thing about fall in Minnesota though is that as it gets colder, the mosquito and other pesky bugs start to disappear.

The best time to visit is mid-September to mid-October, but things start a little earlier in the northern areas of the state, and a little later in the southern areas, so make sure to plan for that.


The state that is most famously great for fall is Vermont. The maple syrup is flowing, and so maple flavor treats and snacks are around every corner. The hills covered in a spattering of green, orange, red and yellow make the perfect backdrop for small barns and covered bridges from the 19th century.

Hiking through the hills or just enjoying a nice evening on the edge of a river can be one of the most amazing experiences a person can have in Vermont. The best time to visit is mid-September to mid-October. The changing of the leaves can vary depending on elevation. Leaves change sooner at higher elevations, so make sure to do some research on the specific area you plan to visit.

Final Words

Fall is one of the most amazing time of the year. Any one of these states will have an amazing view, just make sure to bring a camera and an appetite for pie.

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