Common Tree Infections For Our Area

Like any other living organisms, trees have their own weaknesses that can be exploited to do them harm. There are several diseases that attack trees and are usually caused by various fungi and bacteria. Also, environmental conditions can play a role in the health deficiency usually faced by trees. Either way, let’s take a look at Anthracnose and tree canker with them being among the most common tree diseases.

What is Anthracnose?

Basically, anthracnose can be described as a plant disease caused by fungi that usually attacks trees, vegetables and fruits among other several plants. Not only does anthracnose attack well-developed plants, but also expanding leaves and young developing shoots. This disease is known to spread pretty fast especially during rainy seasons.

Now, you also need to understand that anthracnose is just a general term used to refer to a number of diseases that affect all types of plants in a similar manner. Anthracnose gained most of its popularity from its tendency to attack and cause significant damage to trees.

This disease can spread at a wild rate. Similar to rust, anthracnose thrives under warm and moist ambiance. The disease is usually spread through watering.

How do you fix Anthracnose?

Control of anthracnose isn’t complicated. Actually, it is really simple. All you have to do is:

Eliminate and destroy any and all infected greenery in your lawn or garden. When dealing with trees, you have to physically remove, or rather prune out the infected area. Also, pluck off and destroy any leaves that have been infected with the same.

The next best step in handling the situation is spraying your trees and plants with the right kind of fungicide. More precisely, a copper-based spray. However, you need to be really careful as copper can form up and become toxic.

That is the basic procedure of eliminating anthracnose from your trees and garden. However, there are a number of measures you can take in order to prevent an or another attack by anthracnose. These include the following:

Ensure that the plants you have in your garden are resistant or rather purchase healthy transplants.

Ensure that your farm has proper drainage. Also, ensure that you water your plants using drip sprinklers.

Perform proper plant rotation after approximately two or three years.

Ensure that you have enforced proper measures for prevention against anthracnose as it can completely destroy your garden or farm.

What are tree cankers?

A tree canker can be described as a tree disease that usually takes advantage of open wounds on trees to infect them. Canker diseases have the ability to completely wipe out a wide range of shrubs and trees. Basically, Canker diseases are caused by a bacterial and fungal pathogen which attack open wounds on trees and other shrubs.

How do you fix tree cankers?

Generally, tree cankers can be very difficult to fix, rather control. As a matter of fact, there are no chemicals that have been universally registered as a cankers treatment.

Now, if you notice a canker infection, the best course of action is to carefully remove the affected region one inch after another. Also, ensure you remove all the areas surrounding the infected regions.

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