Fun Facts About Trees

We all know that trees are an extremely important plant. They help give us breathable air, provide fruits, and give us much needed shade on hot summer days. They are also pretty amazing to look at and come in many different sizes and shapes.

Trees aren’t only for humans of course; they are also the homes for many animals and insects too. You may think you know a thing or two about these natural beauties, however, there may be some things that surprise you. Call tree services Round Rock Texas today!

Here are some fun facts about trees…

  • Cottonwood seeds can fly. Wind can carry these seeds for days before they land making them able to fly longer than any other tree seed.
  • The largest tree, a giant sequoia (General Sherman) has a height of 275 feet and it’s still growing every day. The tree attracts thousands of visitors every year.
  • Trees do not die of “old age”. In fact, they are the longest living organism on earth with some ancient trees being over 4,500 years old!
  • Speaking of age, the rings you see when a tree is cut actually do not tell the trees age. The rings can show environmental changes and how it effects the tree over time.
  • Tree leaves are only green because they absorb red and blue energy from the sunlight. This causes the green energy to reflect off the leaf, giving it its color.
  • Trees can consume around 100 gallons of water a day. They absorb it from the ground and release it through water vapors further helping to oxygenate the air.
  • They also filter rainwater as it falls to the ground, improving our water quality.
  • Trees can help you save money on your energy bill! The shade of a tree on your house can save up to 25% on your monthly bill.
  • Moon Trees where seeds that were taken into space. After the seeds returned, they sprouted and were planted. They grew, with no difference between their earth counterparts.
  • Some trees have defense systems to protect themselves against harmful pests. They produce and release a chemical to protect themselves with that same chemical being able to warn other trees.
  • There are male and female pine-cones. Males will shed pollen, while the females make the seeds. Males pollinate the females when the wind blows the pollen into the seeded pine-cones.
  • Pagans believed protective spirits lived in trees and would summon them by “knocking on wood”.
  • Trees are a natural compass. If you are ever lost in the forest, you can use trees to find your way. Moss typically grows on the northern side of a tree trunk helping you know which way is north.
  • Pine trees grow on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Tree parts grow at different times of the year. Foliage tends to grow in the springtime, trunks grow during the summer, and the roots growing usually in the winter months.
  • As of right now, there are over 60,000 known species of trees.
  • Before earth had trees, the land was covered with fungi with some growing to 26 feet tall!
  • The first known tree was leafless.

Now that you’ve learned these fun facts you may look at trees differently.  They are amazing in so many ways and the world needs them to survive.  If you’re able to plant some trees in your lifetime give yourself a pat on the back for doing your part in conserving the world. 

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