Get 10 Free Trees, Join the Arbor Day Foundation

Climate change is scary. Every day natural resources like the Amazon rain forest, and similar natural forests, face destruction and deforestation around the globe. Trees are being destroyed in mass to make way for corporate farms, housing developments, shopping malls, etc. For more information contact tree service round rock today!

The loss of trees can cause irreparable damage to our environment, atmosphere, wildlife, and the planet itself. But luckily there are companies and people out there doing their best to make a change.     The Arbor Day Foundation is a project aimed at addressing our planets biggest need. It has had a very simple goal. That goal is to plant at least 100 million trees by 2022.

The Foundation also aims to educate and inspire millions around the world on the benefits of trees and how we can all come together to save them. While the rain forests cover just 2% of our planet’s surface. It provides more than half of the world’s wildlife with shelter. They are also one of the largest contributors of oxygen in our atmosphere.

The rain forests, and other natural forests, are dying every day. But your contributions to the ‘Time for Trees Initiative’ can help prevent that!  This initiative offers customers the chance to buy all types of trees, from fruit bearing, to towering evergreens, all at a discounted cost.

Members of the Arbor Day Foundation gets them even cheaper! They also offer a wealth of knowledgeable resources on tree care, and tree information. They do whatever it takes to make buying, and planting trees as easy as possible for all of us.     

You can even buy coffee from them! Their team has developed close relationships with coffee farmers in the rain forest to help them grow sustainable, and ethical coffee bean farms. In addition, all of your coffee purchases help to go back to growing even more ethically grown coffee and plant more trees!    

The Arbor Day Foundation offers a variety of services that help conserve trees and save our planet and wildlife. From stylish apparel, to evergreen seedlings that you can give as gifts. As much effort as possible has been put into making this initiative successful.      

The Arbor Day Foundation is currently running an amazing offer for their members. For just $10, you can become a member and join the cause. In turn, you can receive 10 free trees! They will ship them directly to you, and you can plant them wherever you see a need! You can also elect to have your 10 free trees sent to a friend or loved one who you think could use them!      

If saving trees sounds great to you, but the idea of planting them yourself seems daunting. Never fear. Your $10 donation can also go towards the planting of 10 trees, in a natural reserve in need somewhere else, in your honor.     

So, join the cause! Help in the quest to 100 million trees! Together we can all help to provide cleaner air, save wildlife habitats, and create better health for our planet.

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