How to get your Lawn to Co-Exist

Having trees and freshly cut, green grass is one of the many joys of having a yard. Unfortunately, it can be difficult having healthy grass while having tall trees. Trees and grass have always had some sort of ‘turf war.’ If you are currently struggling with this give us a call today: tree services Round Rock Texas.

Plenty of residents with dreams of a beautiful yard say that because of the shade the trees cause grass growth to be limited. Even gardeners have stated that having tree canopies can make it difficult to grow grass. But plants can’t have turf wars, right? Well, Larry Ryan from Savvy Gardner claimed that grass is competitive so it can slow the growth of new trees and can out-compete tree roots for nutrients and soak up water from the soil.  That’s not all, some grasses even release chemicals that halts tree roots growth in the ‘Lawns and Grass Can Coexist’ article.

How Shade From Trees Effect Grass Growth?

According to Cameron Shimoda’s 2017 article titled ‘Successfully Growing Grass Under Trees: A How-to Guide’ He explains that shade from trees cause the grass to die out over time due to their lack of proper sunlight. He also claimed that a tree canopy can cause the soil to dry up, becoming less rich in nutrients, causing the grass to die and look patchy.

How To Solve the Issue

Surprisingly, the solution might be easier than you think. It’s as simple as avoiding placing grass under a tree’s canopy, as stated before, tree canopy’s block gross from getting proper sunlight. Having a big bare space underneath your trees. You can solve this problem by having a 2-foot mulch circle at the base of your trees. This will keep the soil moist meaning the grass will no longer take over tree roots, this was suggested in ‘Turf Wars: How Trees and Lawns Can Be Friends’ written by David Robinson in 2011.        

Cameron Shimoda also gave tips on how to solve the conflict between trees and grass. He stated that over seeding grass underneath trees can help. It sounds strange at first as we are also told to not overdo something, however, over seeding your entire yard and especially the grass underneath trees appear to be beneficial.

Underneath trees, it will usually create a denser patch of grass. He also recommends watering the grass under trees more than the rest of your yard can be extremely helpful. Since one of the main problem’s stems from a lack of sunlight caused by trees, pruning back tree leaves can prove to be useful in getting sunlight to the grass. Removing or thinning tree branches could also help.         

As with plant care in general, you need to water your plants and make sure they have access to sunlight. Making sure you aren’t over watering your grass or trees. Having a fancy yard can be a lot of work, but in the end, it’s worth it to have a beautiful, visually pleasing garden. Mowing the yard and picking up leaves, sticks, or any other debris is another you can do to get the best yard in town!

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