How to Keep Varmints Out of Your Fruit Trees

When we think of tree care we think of watering our trees and removing dead branches. However, there is another form of tree care. If you have a fruit tree, you may have varmints trying to eat and steal the fruit off your tree. It can be very annoying and can end up hurting your trees. We can get rid of them and save our fruits but first we have to know who the varmints are and how they work.

What are Fruit Eating Varmints?

SFGate, 2018, ‘Keep Varmints From Eating Peach Trees’ gives us the information we need. Varmints are typically smaller, wild animals such as rats, squirrels, raccoons, or opossums. They love fruit! In fact, they love just as much as you do! Some of the pesky critters are secretive or nocturnal, this means that they use your fruit tree for a midnight snack when you aren’t able to guard it. This may prevent you from getting the most out of your fruit trees. How do we get rid of the four-legged thieves?

How to Keep Varmints Away

Using the same article from before, we get a few tips for keeping varmints away from fruit trees. One of the tips is to make your yard less desirable to the most bothersome of animals is to pick up fallen fruit. Keeping berries, oranges, or peaches off the ground won’t attract varmints.

They want tasty fruit, if you don’t have any, they keep on searching! If you need to get rid of varmints like opossums, rats, or raccoons, pick up and dispose of any trash. These types of animal’s love trash and will dig through it, mainly looking for food. With that being said, it’s also wise to make sure the lids on your garbage cans are sealed so animals like rats and raccoons won’t go digging through them.

They’ll like your home and will look for more food at your house on the next hunt. Additionally, stirring up garbage makes the place dirty and smell bad. Another method is to use predator urine and place it at the bottom of your tree. It sounds nasty but this definitely works. The varmint won’t realize that there’s not actually predator around, they will run away to avoid becoming the predators next meal.

Tree Care Helps with the Problem

There are more methods that align with typical tree care, such as pruning. As stated by Joan Morris, 2017, ‘Ways to Keep Pests Out of Fruit Trees’ Pruning your trees is a method of tree care that always helps. If you prune out tree limbs to keep them away from fences, power lines, and buildings, none of those annoying varmints will use them as highways to access your fruit easier.

If the varmints can’t reach it, your tree is saved and undisturbed! On the topic of pruning, if you prune and keep your trees relatively small, you can cover your trees with netting or a canopy of sorts. Some animals may gnaw through, but with all the other tips, your tree will come out fine!

Of course, things such as rat traps will prevent varmints, but wildlife is always good to have. The key to keeping wildlife around and healthy tree at the same time is proper tree care and making observations. Tree care is important for obvious reasons like keeping a tree healthy.

Though it’s easy to know why tree care is important, it can be confusing when trying to use tree care methods. Always be sure to do research on tree care methods and be informed about any services that can help you out with tree care. Making observations about the wildlife surrounding your home will be useful. The perfect yard is only a few steps of tree care away!

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