How to Keep Your Grass Green in Hot Weather

If you are living in Texas and other parts of America, you understand the extreme effects of changes in seasons. A cool and wet spring quickly turns into a dry and hot summer. The moisture content on the ground reduces significantly, and what follows is your green nice garden changes color. If left unattended, greenery landscape will slowly fade away into a crusty brownish lawn!  Call us today (512) 520-0201 for a free quote.

We now know that the main reason why our grass is not green throughout the year is not due to soil problems or fertility; rather it is due to hot summer and drought-related challenges.

1). Ensure you water your lawn frequently

We all know that grass, other greenery needs sufficient water to grow, and the best source is during the rainy season. However, during the summer season, there little or no rains, and so you have to supply your grass with adequate water. Expert gardeners recommend that grass should be watered regularly at shorter intervals of one to two days. If you have a limited supply of water, then you can water them at longer intervals of four to five days.  Call Round Rock Tree Trimming if you have any questions.

2). Supply enough fertilizers

Who said lawns do not require fertilizers during summer months? The truth of the matter is that grass needs a food source to maintain healthy growth levels. Whether it is organic fertilizers or commercial ones, they play a great role in providing essential nutrients to your grass, thereby safeguarding them against summer heat burns. In fact, proper fertilizing help to avoid brown spots often witnessed during hot summer seasons!

3). Control harmful insects, pests, and diseases

Plants and grasses are prone to insects, pests, and diseases during the summer season. It, therefore, implies that after supplying adequate water and fertilizers, you have to monitor and control anything that may affect their health. Whether there are bugs, insects, or lawn diseases, try spraying your grass with suitable pesticides or herbicides. If you spot any brown coloration, try to investigate the cause, perhaps it could be an insect feasting on the leaves.

4). Proper mowing

While mowing is an important practice for keeping grass healthy and even, it should be carried out with great caution during the hot, summer season. This is because inappropriate mowing can bring adverse damages that may take several months to recover. The following are the rules to be followed when moving during the summer season:

• Mow your lawn either early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the intense daytime heat.
• Depending on the type of grass, cutting heights is a key factor. More often than not, remove one-third of the grass total height.
• Set the mowing machine at three inches to avoid overheating the grass

Overall, mowing frequently and maintaining recommended lengths helps keep your garden grass healthy so it is likely to produce luxurious green growth throughout the season.

5). Reduce human traffic

It is common sense that you cannot resist the temptation of stepping on the lush lawn; perhaps you want to take a snapshot to upload on social media profile! Vehicles, kids, workers, or animals often damage the structure of your grass. This explains why lawn areas that receive heavy traffic often turn brown and wear off to bare dirt! Any movement of this kind is highly discouraged during the hot summer season as this can cause excessive wear and tear, which can a toll order on your lawn. Gardening activities like weeding and seeding should be stopped until the next fall.


Now you know how to keep your grass green throughout the year! It is highly advisable that you implement all the five tips; otherwise, a few of them will not yield the best results. Ensure your lawn is mowed appropriately, watered adequately, and the soil receives enough fertilizers. While reducing traffic on lawn areas, ensure you control pests, insects, and diseases affecting your lawn foliage.

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