How to Maintain Healthy Trees

Trees play an essential ornamental role in our homesteads, but their functions go beyond that. Trees freshen the atmosphere with oxygen, increase property values, hold the soil together, act as windbreakers, provide food, and the list goes on and on. Trees need pampering to stay healthy. So, what do trees need to stay in good shape?

The vitality of trees in your yard is always subject to the amount of nutrients and water they get. Then again, the plants might face stress from turf grass, shrubs and bedding plants that chock them off from nutrients. When you think about tree health, another question to ask yourself is what type of lawn fertilizers and herbicides are you using?

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The telltale signs of unhealthy trees include discolored leaves, dropping leaves and dead branches. To avoid the costs of correction and treatment, tree surgeons propose the following ways to keep your trees thriving and towering in their green glory.

Protection from pests and diseases

Trees can never thrive in an environment infested with pests and diseases. Regular checkup of your trees by an expect might be ideal to ensure that none of these risk factors damage your trees. Experts can also advise on natural organic preventive measures.

Less Conflict Competition from Turf

It is a typical landscape design in our homes to have both trees and turf grass. Both of these plant species have their aesthetic and environmental benefits. But often, one will thrive at the advantage of another


You can bolster the health of your trees by placing materials over the soil surface to retain moisture and enhance soil conditions. This is a straightforward process that any homeowner can get right. You need to have proper mulching materials and learn the practice. Start by removing grass from under the tree. Proceed to spread at least 3 inches of mulch but take care not to cover the base of the trunk.


Your trees, though they look tough are no different from those vegetables in the garden- they need water to survive. In the heat of the summer, or whenever the rain decides to play hide and seek, take up the hose pipe and water your trees. Newly planted trees need at least 5 gallons of water every week during the first season of growth to survive.


The activities we carry out in our yards- raking, mowing, and cleaning deprive the trees of vital nutrients. Trees in the forests can thrive without fertilizer because no one invades their environment with these activities. To keep the trees healthy, you will need to apply a slow release fertilizer to supply the soil with nutrients over an extended period. You can also ask a tree expert to test your soil samples to find out which nutrients are missing.


Your trees need pruning to maintain a proper structure and increase size and height. Pruning helps to remove deadwood, damaged twigs, and branches that may stunt growth. Thin, crowded foliage on mature branches need to be regularly trimmed. Caring for your trees might require extra work, but it is a labor of love. Noting is more satisfying.

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