How Trees Benefit Us

Whether we are taking a hike through beautiful natural parks. Or simple walking down a city street. Trees are everywhere. They are a staple of our planet Earth. As far as we can tell, no other planet we have found has trees.

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Unfortunately, often times they are just visual background ‘noise’. We don’t really stop to consider how much trees matter to us. We don’t spend much time considering the huge contribution that trees actually make towards helping our planet, society, and nature.     

Trees have a wide range of benefits that they offer. Without them our planet would not be the same, and our species, would likely not survive. So, let’s take a look at just a small sample of how trees help benefit us daily.    

– Trees are the lungs of our planet.    

Perhaps the most important function trees perform, is creating oxygen from filtering harmful gasses and pollution out of the air. It’s no secret that climate change is one of the biggest crises that humanity has faced in our lifetime.

Trees are the front line of defense that our planet, and species, has. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the air, which pollutes the ozone, and converts it into breathable oxygen. One acre of trees can filter the carbon caused by a single car from driving over 25,000 miles.     

– Trees offer natural protection for wildlife.    

For birds, squirrels, primates, and even bees, trees are home to many forms of wildlife. Trees are the chosen, and optimal habitat for creatures all over the world. They provide necessary cover from harsh rains, extreme winds, and other natural threats that can harm wildlife.

Trees provide safety and shelter for many members of Earths living community. Trees can even provide children, and adults alike with protection from over exposure to harmful UV rays!    

– Trees are a source of income, and nutrition.    

Throughout the history of human life, we have learned to utilize trees as one of our most prized resources. We eat the fruits they bear. We use the wood for burning to cook and create fuel. We use them for building shelter, and crafting tools. Trees provide humanity with opportunities, and resources that we rarely get from any other natural source.    

 – Trees save, and conserve energy.    

Studies have shown that homes with trees planted near them can actually save on cooling costs. Trees protect from heat, and in turn allow us to stay cool on hot days and reduce our energy use throughout the warmer seasons. They also conserve water.

The dense coverage of tree leaves prevents the quick evaporation of moisture in the soil and help to prevent smaller plants from dying of thirst. They can help to absorb, and redistribute moisture into the atmosphere, which in turn keeps the cycle of plant growth going. Trees are remarkably efficient!     

In truth, there are far more benefits of trees than just the ones listed above. The importance of trees, and tree conservation on our planet cannot be overstated. You don’t have to be the most environmentally conscious person around to know that trees are awesome and need to be saved!

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