Ideas for Landscaping Small Areas

Are you living in Texas and passionate about trees? If so, then this article will shade more light on your hobby! Well, trees play a great role in our gardens as it enhances our surroundings and provides an economical and pleasant shade to our towns and homes. As a bonus, many trees around our gardens bear beautiful fall foliage, colorful flowers, or even edible nuts and fruits. It typically adds value to a home and turns an el fresco area into a more hospitable and welcoming place during a sweltering. Therefore, there’re the main and most dominant features of our gardens and landscapes.  Give My Tree Services Round Rock a call today.

¿Vives en Texas y te apasionan los árboles? Si es así, ¡este artículo le dará más luz a tu hobby! Bueno, los árboles juegan un gran papel en nuestros jardines, ya que mejora el entorno y proporciona una sombra económica y agradable a nuestros pueblos y casas. Como beneficio adicional, muchos árboles alrededor de nuestros jardines tienen un hermoso follaje de otoño, coloridas flores o incluso nueces y frutas comestibles.  Llama hoy a My Tree Services Round Rock.

Great landscaping calls for a more balanced effect; that is, the landscape should not only include big trees, but also small trees (or dwarf trees) to provide an aesthetic transition between the foundation lawn or shrubs and tall shade trees. Dwarf trees can serve many other useful functions like shading a west window, forming a live fence along the property line, or lining a driveway and providing a focal point to a yard/entry courtyard. Little trees make great accent greenery to draw attention through the blooming season. They can also provide a little shade to a poolside. The good news is that there’re a number of best dwarf trees that bloom in Texas to redefine your landscape, and it includes the following:

1). Crepe myrtle
It is one of the most popular dwarf trees, found in many lawns of a serious gardener. It is hardy, tough, beautiful, summer-flowering trees, with sinuous smooth trunks. This tree is available in many varieties and colors. Most people consider the hybrids because they are resistant to common fungal tree diseases. Since it is a dwarf tree, its height does not exceed 30 feet.

2). Red-bud
Red-bud is an early-flowering plant and it blooms before its leaves appear. The heart-shaped leafed tree is available in many varieties and forms Mexican and Texas red-bud. There is also the white red-bud, a variety that grows with purple foliage and weeping forms.

3). Texas Olive-Cordia Boissieri
Texas Olive is a borage family member. An evergreen plant flowers all-the-year-round if given adequate water. It features a short rounded trunk and it matures to a maximum of 24 feet. It’s yellow-throated and tubular white blooms attract a huge following of hummingbirds and butterflies, an amazing experience for a person who loves to watch such creatures. It also bears fruits, edible by wild animals.

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4). Possumhaw Holly
Also known as, Ilex decidua, Possumhaw Holly is an ideal dwarf tree for homeowners rearing birds. It features nice white spring flowers and red berries, which conspicuously striker on bare gray branches during the winter. Birds are fond of these fruits after they’ve matured in late winter. It has a loosely rounded shape with ascending and horizontal branches. It can do well most soils and grows to a maximum height of 20 feet.

5). White Fringe tree
What list of the best dwarf trees for Landscaping in Texas is complete without including White Fringe tree? Also referred to as Grancy Greybeard, this is a small, wonderful Texas native plant grown in many home landscapes. It flowers in late April and early May with lacy clouds of fringe-like white blossoms, giving an eerie appearance. White Fringe tree is, however, a hardy tree that does well in most soils and harsh weather.


There are you are! The list of the best small little trees to pamper your garden in Texas is just endless. Our list is in no particular order, and therefore, the fifth one can your favorite and vice versa. We have other dwarf trees not explained herein, but they are also great for your garden. It includes Orchid Tree, American Smoke Tree, Desert Willow, Chaste Tree, and Dogwood-just to name a few.

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