Ideas On How To Get Rid Of Aphid Infestations in Trees

Have you planted trees in your home or business premise?  There are many things that you should put into consideration. You will note that trees can make your environment to look more attractive and appealing.  They can also provide shade whenever the weather is hot. This is the reason why you should plant trees today. You will note that trees are prone to many problems out there. Aphid infestation is one of the problems that trees in Texas face. You will note that aphids usually reproduce fast and can easily destroy your trees if left untreated. This is the reason why you should get rid of them as soon as possible. You need to consider these ideas if you live in Texas, below.

1. Physical removal.

Sometimes, you might note that a few trees have been infested by aphids out there. If these aphids are not many, you can remove them one after another. This might take some time but it is worth it. If you note that they have infested one or two branches, you can readily prune off the affected portion and then put them in a bucket of soapy water. This can help to
kill them more effectively.

2. Spray cold water.

You can spray cold water on the leaves of your trees so that you can eliminate them. This can help to dislodge them. The good news is that
they might be unable to find their way back to the same tree.

3. Spray soapy water on your trees.

You will note that soap can help to kill aphids on your trees. You just need to dilute dish sap with a small bucket of water and then
put the mixture in a spray bottle. You can then spray those places where then aphids have infested. You can trust that soap will help to dehydrated these organisms and thereby kill them without interfering with your trees. If you have more trees, you might require more soapy water.

4. Introduce beneficial insects.

Did you know that there are some insects that feed on aphids? You can take advantage of this and introduce them on your trees. These
insects include: beetles, lacewings and even parasitic wasps. You can be sure that they will feed on these aphids. This can greatly help to reduce the population of the aphids. You can readily order these insects online so that you can get rid of aphids more effectively.

5. Introduce bug-eating birds.

There are certain birds that can help reduce the population of aphids on your trees. These birds include chickadees, titmice and wrens.
These birds normally like nesting in small trees. You can allow these birds to build nests on these trees so that they can feed on these aphids.

6. Use natural repellents.

You will note that aphids normally dislike strong scents.  There are some organic compounds that normally have a strong scent. You can readily plant onions and garlic near the trees. This can discourage aphids from infesting your trees.  You should not allow aphids to infest your trees. If you note that your trees have been infested, you can consider these ideas today. You can be sure that you will be able to eliminate all of them.

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