Managing Potential Tree Hazards

We all love and need trees. Trees are an essential resource on which all of us depend. They provide necessary oxygen. Help provide wildlife with habitats and shelter from the elements. They even provide us with fuel for fire, to use in many aspects of our lives.

Trees Provide So Many Benefits

For many of us, we even remember being kids and having that one special tree in our yard. That tree that we would climb on, attach a tire swing to, or even build a tree house in. Having a tree in your yard can bring many wonderful memories, and make a house feel much more like a home.

Trees Also Come with Hazards

However, trees can also come with some potential hazards and risks that can bring unforeseen chaos into your life, or damage to your property, if not managed properly. Ice buildup, strong winds, rot, and other forces of nature can bring your tree down.

This can cause damage to property, and even people. But how do you identify, and manage these potential threats before they become an issue down the road?

Leave It Up to the Professionals

As a general rule, when it comes to trees, you should always consult a professional. Professional arborists are trained and certified to identify these issues and treat them. Trying to prune or remove a tree can be very dangerous and should not be attempted by amateurs, lest you could incur some nasty health and safety risks. Things such as pruning, cabling, and bracing for a larger tree should always be left to a professional.

But a few things that you can do to help minimize any potential issues yourself are:

  • Try to relocate any lawn furniture or play items from the tree area.

If at all possible, things such as picnic tables, outside BBQ grills, and children’s playgrounds should be relocated to a safe vicinity of a tree that you suspect could be dangerous. This will help reduce any potential for a loved one or passerby being in the ‘danger zone’ if a rotted branch falls, or a strong wind or heavy snow pushes the tree to collapse.

  • Provide routine care for the tree.

While it is often the assumption that a mature tree can simply be left alone to thrive, this is not simply the case. All trees require proper nutrients, and water just like any other plant. Taking care to apply proper mulch, and tree care products to the trunk of your tree can go a long way to ensuring your tree is strong and healthy. As a result, you will be less susceptible to rotting branches, or root damage that can cause collapse.


If all else fails, and you have found yourself in a situation where saving your beloved tree is not a viable option. Always consult a professional to remove the tree safely. As much as we all love trees, we never want to have a potential risk near our homes or family. But with a little love, and healthy dose of proactive attitude, we can all enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe tree in our lives!

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