Products that Help You Care for Your Trees

Planting, and caring for trees can be a very rewarding activity. However, to a lot of newcomers, how to best care for their newly planted trees can be a bit of a head scratcher. What kind of soil do trees need? How much water is too much? What products should you use? All of these questions are valid, when learning how to plant and grown your very own trees.     

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There are a multitude of great products, and resources, on the market that can help you get the most out of your trees. Whether you are planting fruit bearing trees, or a towering maple. Some products will simply give you the most out of your tree, and aid greatly in its natural and healthy growth.     –

Tree Shelters   

Tree shelters can make the difference between life or death when it comes to your young trees. When trees are in their beginning stages of growth, they can fall victim to a host of threats. Such as animals, gardening equipment, and even harsh winds. Having a tree shelter will aid greatly in protecting your sapling.

They can also remain on your tree for up to 5-7 years, ensuring that their young life is protected from the harsh elements. Tree shelters are often a cheap, and reliable way to protect your tree in the early stages.    

Tree Diapers    

I know it sounds funny, but a tree diaper is a real thing. And they are great! Tree diapers are a product that you place around the base of your growing tree and help with controlled irrigation and watering of the tree. Tree diapers soak up natural sources of water, and slowly release that water into the roots of your tree.

Inside trees in their beginning stages of growth can go up to 45 days without you needing to water them, with a tree diaper! Tree diapers are great for conserving water and helping to ensure that the water is fed directly to the tree, instead of wasted and spread about, as some sprinkler or irrigation systems can do.

Outside tree diapers are recharged by rainwater, ensuring that you can simply place them, and forget them, it’s that easy! Best of all, case studies have shown that tree diapers can last 5+ years without being replaced.    

Pruning Shears    

This one may seem obvious. But to some who don’t know, pruning your tree is very important. Proper pruning can help remove or prevent disease of the plant and allow for more air and sunlight to reach the tree. Having proper pruning shears to do this with can go a long way. While most people will have their favorite products, I personally like Fiskars.

They are tough, reasonably priced, and last forever! However, of course, you are free to test out your own brands and types of pruning shears for your favorite results. But Pruning your tree is always important for a healthy tree growth!    

Final Thoughts

With the right tools, and enough care, your tree can grow to reach amazing heights, and live a long and healthy life! Happy growing friends, and remember to plant some trees!

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