Spring Check List

When the winter seasons, comes up the spring, and if you live in Texas and its environs, you know it is a happy time for your trees. It is time where trees experience new growth, blossom, and beautify the landscape. While this is bound to happen naturally, your trees may achieve optimum results if they have not well cared for!

For your trees to reap the best out of the spring season, it is crucial that invest in the appropriate tree care procedures to ensure they are healthy and gives a long and productive growing season. Perhaps you are wondering what you should do, and that is precisely the concern of this article. We shall unveil a spring checklist for trees, and we highly recommend that you complete the tasks we shall explain early in the season, notably between March and April. Without further ado, let us look at some of the best care practices for tree trimming service round rock owners in our checklist for tree owners in Texas and beyond.

Cuando llega la temporada de invierno, llega la primavera, y si vives en Texas y sus alrededores, sabes que es un momento feliz para tus árboles. Es el momento donde los árboles experimentan un nuevo crecimiento, florecen y embellecen el paisaje. Si bien esto sucederá naturalmente, sus árboles pueden lograr resultados óptimos si no han sido bien cuidados. Para que sus árboles obtengan lo mejor de la temporada de primavera, es crucial que inviertan en los procedimientos adecuados de cuidado de árboles para asegurarse de que estén Saludable y da una temporada de crecimiento larga y productiva.

 Carry out a thorough inspection

Atop our list is tree inspection, and we have done for the simple reason that your tree has just emerged the enduring winter stresses. During this practice, check whether the adverse weather damaged your tree(s). Visual cues are clear signs that the tree in question is beset by disease, infestation, injury, or any other damage. Ensure you walk through your garden checking for dangerous or damaged trees.

 Post-winter cleanup

The inspection above will reveal that you have lots of work at hand. Proceed to remove leaves, twigs, fallen branches, or any other litter that could have heaped around or beneath the tree(s). A rule of thumb when preparing for warmer weather is to ensure you remove any covering or protective plastic you may have put in place during the winter days.

 Prune dead branches

Perhaps your dream is to healthy trees that blossoms during the spring. It is obvious that some branches suffered severe damage during the winter months, and now some of them are dead. It is required that you remove the dead spots, damaged branches, or diseased limbs, and that way healthy ones will grow.

Plant new trees

Do you love trees? Supposedly yes, but you have two or three! Perhaps you hope to have as many trees as possible within your yard. There is no good time to make that dream come true than planting a new set of saplings during the spring. This is the time that everything springs to life and your newly planted seedlings absorb sprain rain, take root, and grow stronger so it can withstand the high summer temperatures.

 Replace or add mulch

Much is vital for ensuring that branches and trunks do not lose excess moisture during the extreme temperatures yet ahead in the summer. Besides that, mulch controls weeds and conserves soil moisture. Mulches (especially the organic ones) ought to be placed/replaced once a year.

Fertilize and water

The last practice in our checklist for trees during the spring is to fertilize and water. Once the soil has been defrosted, always water the trees to keep the ground moist even during dry days. Unless you have done an extensive soil test on the nutrient content, more often than not, after winter, the soil has insufficient micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients that trees require to thrive well. It is, therefore, required that you fertilize the land during the spring months.


Now you have the checklist at your disposal; we sincerely hope that you are going to put whatever you have learned in practice. That way, you will see your trees attain maximum growth and excellent production at/after the spring months. However, spring tree maintenance is not just a walk in the park. And so if you lack the knowledge or time to restore your trees to health, then we highly recommend that you hire the services of an expert in this field or a highly reputable tree maintenance company.

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