Spring Planting Guide

Finally, Spring is here! The weather is turning a little warmer, and gardeners are slowly moving back outdoors after the mild winter. Now is the perfect time to plant new trees or shrubs on your landscape. Or maybe you have a portion in the garden which needs rejuvenating. This spring may be the perfect season to plant. When spring arrives, the expanded roots can support and take advantage of the spring growth.  If you need further tips reach out to us and let us know how we can help with your reliable Round Rock Tree Trimming!

Finalmente, la primavera está aquí! El clima se está volviendo un poco más cálido, y los jardineros están volviendo lentamente al exterior después del suave invierno. Ahora es el momento perfecto para plantar nuevos árboles o arbustos en su paisaje. O quizás tienes una porción en el jardín que necesita rejuvenecer. Esta primavera puede ser la temporada perfecta para plantar. Cuando llega la primavera, las raíces expandidas pueden soportar y aprovechar el crecimiento de la primavera.

Texans love their trees. Whether they are used for climbing, August shade, or maybe as a landmark. They are fortunate that the climate there allows the planting of trees all through the year. There are numerous types of trees available for planting in your garden this spring season and below find out the best six trees to grow during this spring season:

1. Live Oak

These are huge trees which are popularly around 50 feet tall and have a short, firm trunk which casts a significant amount of canopy to create shade against all the Texas heat. They have solid wood which makes the tree easy to shield in stress. Live Oaks are among the most popular and famous landscape trees in Texas.

2. Bur Oak

These substantial stature trees are as well common in Texas. Besides its large leaf as well as large acorn artistic puzzles fascinate people. Its great adaptability makes it an ideal choice for the Texas environment since it can adapt to the cold weather or extreme heat. This makes it ideal for growing during spring. Lastly, Bur Oaks have an extensive tap root which makes it drought tolerant, and it grows well with a little bit of water.

3. Cedar Elm

These trees usually are known as the most popular elm trees in Texas region next to American elms and are extended all through Central, East, and South Texas. These trees can grow in many types of soils which makes it a more preferred tree in many regions. Besides, Cedar elms are extremely drought tolerant and provide a decent shade when the temperatures are high. This tree is also ideal for spring.

4. Bald Cypress

These trees are common in Texas, and they adapt to different soil conditions, most commonly found in a wetter environment. On the other hand, they can also withstand the poorly drained areas as compared to many other trees. They can be utilized for shade during the summer. They as well have a defined pyramid shape with feather-like leaves which make them more appealing aesthetically.

5. Magnolia

They are commonly referred to as “southern” tree, and they grow well in the eastern parts of Texas. They have huge, waxy, fragrant white flowers and big glossy, dark green, leather-like leaves which are appealing to the eye. Magnolias usually prefer the full sun which Texas can offer, but they can also thrive during the colder seasons like spring. They also require deep well-drained soils to thrive best.

6. Mexican Plum

Not only do the Mexican plums the white spring Blooms but they are beautiful and have a sweet smell. Besides, they produce delicious fruits which are loved by birds. They adapt to various soil conditions, and they are hardy and thrive in full sun and also during the colder seasons.

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