The Benefits of Tree Care VS Removal

If you have trees, you know that you must keep up with tree care. Most people also know that if a tree is blocking a path or interfering with things like overhead wires, the tree must be removed. But what exactly is the difference between the two? How do you keep up with the two? And most importantly, which is more important? Both are incredibly important but for different reasons.

Tree Care Begins Before the Tree is Planted

According to Leaf Limb, ‘Tree Care’ Tree care aims to improve and maintain the appearance, structure, and health of your trees. It also states that tree care begins before any trees are even planted.

Tree care can be expensive and time consuming, but it is all worth it and very needed. Caring for trees not only prevents any disease spreading to other shrubs or trees, it will make your home and lawns look beautiful!  

Make Sure the Roots Have Enough Room

So, how do you care for a tree? Looking at an article by Duval Landscape titled ‘Five Methods of Tree Care’ gives us many suggestions. When planting a tree, always think about roots and the rest of the tree. If roots don’t have enough room, it will make it harder for them to work properly. This could cause the tree to die in some cases.

This means keeping them away from other trees or any construction. Another step is picking the right soil. It would be ideal to use an organic soil and not adding harmful chemicals to keep your tree healthy.

Create a Watering Schedule

Just like us humans, trees need water, too! Create a watering schedule that you can easily maintain. While watering is important you have to be careful as to not over water your trees or shrubs. If there is rain is in the forecast, avoid watering or water fewer times than usual to avoid getting soggy soil.

Soggy soil can ‘suffocate’ the roots and prevents your tree from getting the proper amount of water and oxygen and creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to prune, water, and treat infections to ensure you get the best trees possible.

What Does Tree Removal Entail?

Now that you know what tree care is, you might wonder what exactly tree removal is. It’s pretty simple to know but the actual removal of a tree is far more complicated. The tree experts at Bartlett have an article about tree removal.

They say that tree removal is removing dead or dying trees, as well as infected trees. It gives many benefits such as light, space for other plants, and space for new construction. It’s a dangerous task that requires a certain level of expertise.

Tree Removal is Very Dangerous!

Tree Help’s article ‘How to Remove A Tree’ gives us directions. Removing a tree is dangerous and should not be taken lightly as replacing a tree can take years. The extremely large trees should always be removed by a professional, however, small enough trees can be removed by you!

Tree Removal Check List

Before removing trees check for any obstacles that will get in your way or are in the danger zone of the tree such as wires, fences, and any structures. Observe the way the tree is leaning naturally as this would be the best fall path. Make sure you have two escape routes on both sides of the tree so you can move even if the tree falls away from the expected fall line. Check for dead or hanging branches or see if there are any hollows in the tree. Then get your chainsaws ready to cut down a tree!

Steps to Removing Trees

The first thing to do is create a v-shaped cut in the side of the tree in the direction you want it to fall. A 90-degree cut about one-fourth of the tree’s diameter in depth. This is called an undercut. The next cut is called a back cut. It will relieve the stress of the tree which will allow it to fall.

Make a back cut that’s approximately 2 inches higher than the undercut. When the tree begins to fall, turn off your chainsaw and move through one of your escape paths. It may be satisfying to look back on your hard work, but it can also be dangerous. When you’re finished, remove branches from the bottom of the tree and work your way up. Now, you are left with a bare log. Use it however you want!

Which Method Should You Chose?

Now, we must revisit our previous question, which one out of tree care and tree removal is better? Both are very important, and it really depends on the situation and what you are aiming to do. If you want more space, go for tree removal. If you want your trees to look nice, try tree care.

For treating some tree infections, proper tree care will come to the rescue. Tree removal would be needed or highly destructive and infectious tree diseases as the spread might end up taking years and hundreds of dollars to restore with tree care alone.


Tree care can prevent the need for tree removal and tree removal can prevent expensive methods of tree care. In short, both are useful and should be taken seriously when time comes. Make your garden look bright and healthy with these tips! Your trees and yard will thank you.

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