The Fastest Growing Shade Tree in Texas

Texas is hot!  You may find yourself cranking the fan up every 30 minutes, grabbing a popsicle out of the fridge, or making your AC as cold as possible. But using all that electricity can’t be good for your electric bills. Not having to constantly raise your electric bill sounds like an unlikely dream, but there is a way to cut down on energy costs.          

Cut Down Your Electricity Bill By Planting Trees

The solution to reducing your energy costs is finally here! Preservation Tree, 2013, ‘5 Best Texas Shade Trees’ claimed that having large shade trees planted around your home adds value and can shield you from the heat.

Large trees can provide shade for your home and reduce energy costs as it helps the area cool. Shade trees are perfect for urban areas with sidewalks that significantly increase the temperature.

Having shade trees will help you more than you know! However, there is one question, how do you get the right trees for keeping cool? In the previous article ‘5 Best Texas Shade Trees’ many trees were named.

Shade Trees That Will Help with the Texas Sunshine

The Cedar Elm was named as one of the best shade trees in Texas. This large tree grows up to about 90′ that provides a large amount of shade for you and your home.

Another tree is the Shumard Red Oak. This tree’s thick branches along with its canopy will provide you with plenty of shade. Make sure to leave growing room around the area considering this tree grows up to 120 feet.  

The Oaks Provide A Nice Canopy

Another great tree is a Monterrey Oak. This tree is better suited for urban areas and can reach a height of 40′. Live Oaktree is also a very good option. The canopy of these trees in dense and wide, giving you a great amount of shade.        

Those trees grow fast, but what if you need even faster-growing trees? Well, in Derek Markham’s article ‘7 Of the Fastest-Growing Trees to Slash You Electric Bill’ originally published in 2014, it gives many suggestions. One of which is the Hybrid Popular tree. It is the most recommended fast-growing shade trees. These can grow about 8 feet each year. They also mature at around 40′ to 50′ high!

The Fastest Growing Oak Tree

Another tree suggestion is the Nuttal Oak. It has a reputation of being the fastest-growing variety of oak. This Oaktree offers a canopy protecting you from heat, but it also produces a large number of acorns yearly. This can draw wildlife like squirrels and deer.

The American Sycamore Tree Grows Fast

An American Sycamore tree is also a good option. It’s a fast-growing tree that might grow up to about 6 feet per year. If you want to shade your home throughout the summer, the wonderful Red Maple tree is the best option for you.

These trees have a growth rate of 3 to 5 feet every year standing tall over other trees with its height topping at 40′. This tree not only provides you with an excellent amount of shade, but it also gives you all the privacy in the world! Your home and yard will be grateful for all the shade.      

Caring for Your Trees

Once you have established the shade trees for your yard you will need to know how to take care of them.  Watering is life. Something that most people don’t realize is that having a rotary sprinkler head that repeatedly hits the tree at close range can harm the tree bark. Redirect the water stream to a place where your trees will be in the line of fire.      

Having trees is a pleasure. With these tips and tree suggestions, you can turn your yard into a wonderful atmosphere! With all the shade trees around, it’ll be sure to protect you from the Texas heat!

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