Tips for Spring in Texas

Spring is a great time for those living in the Lone Star state. The cold from the winter has started to fade away and the summer heat is yet to arrive, making it prime time to get out in the sun. Along with that, the birds start flying about as everything that was dry and brown during the wintertime has started to bloom. This includes flowers, crops, and trees.     

Springtime TLC For Your Trees

While this may seem like the time to just forget about the trees as they bloom on their own, some care still needs to be done. And in this article, we show you some tips on tree care for the Texas spring.    

Inspect Your Trees 

The cold winter can do a lot of damage, especially to the garden. So, when the temperature starts to rise and the snow starts to melt, it’s very important to check on the damage done by the season. A lot of tree care during springtime deals with nursing the timber back to health.

Make sure to check for any water damage, fallen branches, and insects (as they tend to come out in the spring). Take note of the damage as they can cause real harm to the wood if left untreated.    

Prune Your Trees

Once you’ve checked all the damage that your trees sustained during the winter, it’s time to prune. This isn’t exclusively for trees with visible damage either. Pruning during these months allows for the plant to regain and replenish the nutrients lost over time and also helps them bloom better over the summer. Take note though that not more than 25% of the tree should be pruned at any given time.    

Clean Up Your Yard

Gardening and landscaping usually aren’t things people do in the winter. It just isn’t that fun. However, with that season out of the way, it’s prime time to pick up where you left off, so that means cleaning up the garden after a cold couple of months.

Not only will this make the area look cleaner and neater, but it will also create a fresher area for trees to continue growing.     

Lay Down Some Mulch 

Spring is the best season to apply a new layer of mulch. Like the cleaning, it will also make your yard or garden look much greener and happier, but it also does a lot for plant growth itself. A new layer of mulch will keep weeds from germinating, retains soil moisture, and keeps the soil cool.

This will do a great deal when the summer months come while already doing a lot of good right after being applied.    

Fertilize and Water 

Most of the things you have to do to your trees during the spring are prepare it for summer. This means making sure it gets the proper nutrition and care for the whole season. You can start this by watering the tree, as the months start to get dryer.

Another thing that’s perfect to do in the spring is to do some deep root fertilization as it does a lot in promoting springtime growth for the tree.    

With all of these tips, your trees will not only look great for the entirety of spring, but it also makes things much easier for you in the summer. Planting and caring for trees is a tedious process. It requires dedication, work, and a whole lot of research. But don’t worry, do all of these things right and you will have a huge payoff!

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