Top 5 Fruit Trees to Grow in Texas

Growing fruits in Texas is a challenging pursuit for even the most devoted professionals, though for beginners it may appear impossible. The soil in this region ranges from hard and tough to sandy and soft, and the unpredictable weather lead lots of potential fruit growers to give up in frustration. Nonetheless, regardless of the relative ease of walking to your local grocery and buying a fresh juicy apple, it doesn’t compare to the feeling of picking your homegrown fruits after working hard to grow them.

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Below are five ideal choices for fruit growers in Texas:

1. Sam Houston Peach

Bred by the Texas A&M, this peach can withstand the challenging climate of Texas. Due to this fruit`s chill-hour requirements and self-fertilization, it is the ideal fruit for your garden. It is somewhat easy to take care of, and it grows significantly in Texas. They have great spring flowers and a sweet smell which is two more reasons to plant it in your garden or backyard.

2. Ein Shemer Apple

Bred in the arid surroundings of Israel, this slightly sour and sweet fruit is hardy and ideal for Texas. The agriculture department recommends growing it in zones 4-8 although growers have cultivated it successfully in zone 9 also. The reduced amounts of chill hours and marginally acidic soil is perfect for Texas. This Green/red, creamy fruit is ideal for both eating and baking, which is more reason for you to grow it.

3. Pomegranate

This fruit has numerous health benefits and pleasant flavor; thus it is commonly grown all-round the country. While it is somewhat new to Texas, the pomegranate has been cultivated in the country for a long time, thus gaining popularity in desert caravans like Texas. These fruits need minimal watering as compared to other fruits, and it recommended that you water it thoroughly after you plant it, although it will not need more water for the next 2-4 weeks.

4. Orient pear

This is a tall, straight and sturdy tree. Numerous good varieties are suitable for Texas. It is fit for Texas because of its high tolerance for fire blight which is a disease among pears grown in Texas, it has reduced chilling requirements, and it is very reliable. Growers usually weight to tie down the branches at an early stage of the tree`s life to promote a broader branch pattern than the usual straight and narrow growth they mostly have.

5. Methley Plum

This fruit is somewhat a natural tree to plant in Texas. It is planted in most of Texas, and it ripens during the early summer. It is a juicy, sweet fruit thus it makes the perfect summer treat. Like all the other above-mentioned fruits, Methley has reduced chill hours need, making it ideal for Texas. Once this fruit turns soft, it does not store for long as compared to other plums.

Growing fruits is a beautiful yet frustrating challenge in Texas, and to succeed you need to be prepared. With the fruits mentioned above, you will be able to have a fruitful garden.

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