Top 6 Shade Trees

When it comes to shade trees for gardens, you have to be especially vigilant and verify that some trees would gratify well. There are beautiful trees that would meet your expectations and do great in the garden. Some of the best shade trees for Texas are given below-

 Live oak

One of the most admired trees in Texas. Live oaks are inherited from the Gulf Coast north around to the Red River. They tend to be 35 or 40 feet high and 75 or more feet far-flung. It accommodates the best for large plots. They were found in Texas around 1000 years ago.

Water oak

Water oak is a member of the red oak family, and it is also known as the most teeming species as it can live up to 60 to 80 years, which is incredible. Water oak requires a lot of water to dwell well. It is yet a quite remarkable tree where it’s accommodated and can be planned anywhere.

 Willow oak

Willow oak is closely related to water oak and is one of the best shade trees for Texas. This beautiful tree is recognized for a fast growth rate, and it is usually observed in damp bottom land soils. We can differentiate it from willow oak only on one basis, i.e., elongated, the willow-like shape of the leaves.  If you have a willow oak give tree trimming service Round Rock a call.

 Chinese pistachio

It grows out to be only of the most attractive trees of all time. They are medium-sized trees and are mainly found in neighborhoods. This tree is primarily appreciated for its excellent fall color, and the leaves fall off during winters.

 Cedar elm

This plant is habitually known for shade, because of its huge leaves. It lives around 100 years approximately. It is the usual comprehensive and one of the best shade trees for Texas. This tree infrequently produces loose rust.


it is known for both, i.e., for its shade tree and its delicious nuts. This plant grows well in the sun. Pecan makes an excellent skyline tree. It complements even the most substantial house, and determine the quantity of sunshine that relinquishes your garden.

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It’s time for you to plant a tree and make it look appealing. You can pick any of the shade trees and make your garden rock.

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