Top Three Trees to Plant near Your Septic Tank

Septic tanks have pipes which run deep all through the yard, and they create the question of what will be good to plant and where to plant it. The type of trees you grow can assist the system to keep the water flowing smoothly and avoid erosion. Growing the proper type of vegetation in a septic tank is not only tolerable but also recommended. Trees will prevent erosion and take in some of the extra moisture from the septic tank. At the very least plant a tall Kentucky or fescue grass or any other type of lawn grass over the septic tank area. Usually, trees which grow best are soft and green stems, which must be well adapted to your region`s climate. You can also let weeds grow on this area instead of leaving it bare. Below find out the top three best trees to plant near your septic tank

Hemlock trees

Hemlock trees grow at a slow rate. These trees grow to a height of up to 80 feet or even higher, and they spread to between 25-30 feet. They usually are fragrance plants. They have a conical or pyramidal shape. They have small needles which offer them fine texture. They have a dark green color on top and light green below them. They are ideal for septic tank areas because they absorb the excess moisture.

 Needle palm

Growing Needle palm trees is usually very easy. Since it’s cold hardy and can adapt to various conditions, it can tolerate the drought, and it can grow in either a shady or sunny regions. Besides, this tree is versatile kind of a shrub which can be planted by gardeners of any ability levels. A critical consideration is going for an area which will offer the tree adequate space to spread when it is growing.
It grows at a slow speed although it will fit a space of about 6 x 6 feet. It is ideal for wet areas such as near a septic tank. This tree will grow best near moist soil which is well-drained, although it can well adapt to almost any kind of land.

 Dogwood trees

Dogwood tree is a common flowering tree, and it looks beautiful during any season. It is also sturdy, and it can be grown in many yards. In April, dogwood trees open white flowers. When planted under a lot of trees, they overgrow, slim and smooth, although it is less shiny and drier when it is planted in the open sun. When it is planted on dry, alkaline, and sunny areas, it does not grow to its full potential. They are shallow-rooted, thus making them ideal for the area near the septic tank.


The soil near a septic tank is at times wetter than expected and at times saltier thus look for a tree which can tolerate both of these conditions. Growing the ideal trees around your septic tank can be quite challenging, but with this information, you do not need to worry about what tree is the best for the area near your septic tank.

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