Trees Can Improve Your Health

Trees help us connect with the environment in a natural setting. In addition to that, they offer remarkable health benefits – from stress relief, sound sleep, better breathing, etc. Here are ways trees can make you happy and healthier. My tree services Round Rock is dedicated to offering quality tree services. Call us today for more information.

Encourage physical activity

Recent research suggests that your environment can promote or discourage physical activity. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, green spaces will help you reach the recommended level of physical activity. This brings us to the question, what is the role of trees in encouraging people to live an active life?

Preliminary studies show that the presence of nature motivates people to exercise.

If you’ve been on the lookout, parks shaded with trees encourage physical activities like cycling and walking. This reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Secondly, green spaces allow children to spend more time outside which reduces the risk of childhood obesity. Of course, people like to walk to coffee shops and grocery stores when there’re many natural features along the route.

Reduce stress levels

Being around trees can help to reduce stress and signs of anger. This is because what you hear or see affects how the immune, endocrine, and nervous system works. When you’re in an unpleasant environment, you’ll feel nervous, sad, and helpless. In one study published in Washington Post, more than two-thirds of Americans choose a natural setting when they are stressed.

From a therapeutic point of view, trees evoke the senses (smell, color, and texture) that stimulate the mind. It’s worth mentioning that the physical signs of stress like an increase in pulse rate and muscle tension are significantly reduced. What’s more, exposure to urban greenery lowers the risk of ADHD in children. In almost every study done in schools and hospitals, the researchers found that trees can combat stress by making you feel better emotionally.

Helps us cope with pain and improves general wellbeing

While this may sound virtually impossible, trees can help to relieve pain. The presence of nature distracts us from discomfort. In one study, patients underwent gallbladder surgery. Some had a view of a wall while the others had a view of trees. According to the researcher, those who viewed trees required less painkilling medication.

On the other hand, trees improve our general wellbeing. As humans, we find nature inherently interesting which refreshes our minds for new tasks. If you have a patient recovering from an illness, make sure they are somewhere they can view a tree.

Help us breathe better

Trees improve the quality of air which boosts respiratory health. From basic science, they take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. When we have a surplus of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we’re likely to develop respiratory conditions like asthma. In one study conducted by Portland State University, the researchers found that trees remove nitrogen dioxide from the air. Trees also provide a cooling effect during the sweltering summer heat.

Living near trees can boost your sleep quality

According to researchers from Illinois, lack of sleep is associated with many factors like poor health, divorce, obesity, etc. Trees that give fragrance calm the nerves and have a positive effect on your health. Additionally, trees remove toxins from the air and improve air quality. If you’re suffering from insomnia, make sure there are plenty of trees around your home.

From the above information, it’s no surprise that trees can make you happier and healthier. Living close to trees is certainly the best medicine.

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