What is Arbor Day

Let’s plant some trees! Arbor day is the celebration of trees. Since the beginnings of civilization, humans have known to cherish the necessity of trees. They provide us with oxygen, they filter our air, they provide us with tools, and fuel. Trees are truly one of the most amazing resources planet Earth has to offer. Without them, our very existence would be in question.      Tree Removal Round Rock can help you with all of your tree needs.

Arbor Day is a day where millions of people gather together around the world, and plant trees. While a lot of us already know what Arbor day is, not so many of us know where it came from, and how it is usually celebrated. So, in this article I will take a few moments to briefly go into more detail about what, exactly, Arbor Day is, where it came from, and how you can join in on the celebration!    

The History of Arbor Day   

The very first form of Arbor Day can trace its roots back to 16th century Spain. In the small village of Mondonedo, Spain, the Mayor of the Village organized the first documented arbor plantation festival. 200 years later, in the village of Villanueva de la Sierra, the same concept was launched by a local priest. The belief that trees were vital to society led is what this priest to launch the first ‘official’ Arbor Day.    

This concept rapidly caught on in popularity and spread to the Americas. On April 10th, 1872, Secretary of Agriculture J. Sterling Morton, in Nebraska, launched the first official American Arbor Day. It is estimated that on that inaugural Arbor Day celebration, nearly one million trees were planted.     

Through the remainder of the 19th century, environmental activists spread the word about Arbor Day across the globe. In 1883, Connecticut native Birdsey Northrop, gave a rousing Arbor Day and Village Improvement message in Japan. He would go on to take his message of Arbor Day to Canada, Australia, and Europe.      The message was clear, the people cared about trees, and wanted to do everything they could to help.     

Arbor Day in the Modern World    

Arbor is typically celebrated in spring. This can vary depending on global location, and changes of season times in the southern equator. The tradition of planting trees, and giving back to the Earth, is still observed and honored by millions across the world. However, it doesn’t have to be Arbor Day for you to get in the spirit of planting trees!

There are plenty of resources, and organizations out there who have made it their mission to save the trees. Already across the globe organizations such as ‘The Arbor Day Foundation’ and ‘The Nature Conservancy’ have concentrated efforts to fight deforestation year-round. You can check out the links at the bottom for more information on these initiatives!    

Final Thoughts

The scary truth is, that we are losing millions of trees each year due to deforestation. The spirit of Arbor Day is what we can use to combat that! Together we can all unite, and plant trees as one global effort.           

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