What is Ball Moss and How to Remove It

At the start of autumn, trees begin to shade their leaves naturally. After they do, most people will start noticing some undesirable fungi growing on these trees. In case you notice such, you need not panic at all. The fungal infection on the trees does not pose, in any way a threat or harm to the trees. Even if this is the case, the sight of it may be unpleasing to the eye in which case you may want it eliminated.

So, what is Ball Moss?

Ball moss, scientifically referred to as Tillandsia recurvata, is a non-toxic epiphyte which is completely harmless. An epiphyte is basically a type of plant that grows, rather springs upon the surface of different things, but most often trees. Ball moss does not harm the tree in any way. However, it absorbs water and other important nutrients from its surrounding environment. Ball moss can also grow on screen doors, electrical cables and wooden fences among other places.  Learn more by calling.  If you are looking for ball moss removal give us a call today!

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How to remove Ball Moss

Trying to control the growth of ball moss can prove very difficult at times. Although removing the physical trace of the moss from one tree is quite possible, getting rid of the seed left behind by the moss is rather impractical. Yet again, ball moss growing on neighboring trees could release seeds which can re-infect the moss-free tree. In such scenarios, the best course of action is to treat the moss using an effective fungicide in order to prevent its spread.

Either way, basic removal of ball moss from a tree’s surface can go a long way in preventing its spread. So, here is a quick procedure that should help you eliminate ball moss from a tree or any other surface;

1st Step

The first and the most basic step is to thoroughly inspect the affected area and check for the spread and concentration of this moss. If possible, you can pluck off part of the moss by hand. Ensure that you are dealing with ball moss as other growths could be harmful when exposed to the human skin. However, if you are sure that you are dealing with ball moss, don’t be afraid to touch or pluck it off as it isn’t harmful.

2nd Step

Now, in order to completely eliminate any traces of this moss, the next best thing to do is to spray the affected surface with the right kind of fungicide. The recommended spraying time is in the early development stage of these fungi which is usually during the end of February or the month of March.

3rd Step

After all the ball moss id completely eradicated, it’s time to ensure that it doesn’t grow back. The meaning of this is that you now have to enforce moss growth-prevention measures in order to ensure they don’t grow back on that surface. All you have to do in this case is to maintain a proper lawn-care routine and paying attention to the area.

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