What is Oak Wilt

Oak wilt has over the years and still continues to present a huge problem in various areas. It is caused by a fungus referred to as Ceratocystis fagacearum, which usually clogs a tree’s vascular system. The Oak tree, in an attempt to defend itself produces some structures, which end up plugging its water conducting vessels. This has a harmful effect on the tree as these structures prevent nutrients and water from getting to the leaves.

All the below are points to explain what is oak wilt as well as the answers or suggestions to the question: how does My Tree Services Round Rock fix oak wilt!

The Red Oaks, which include the northern red oak and northern pin oak are more susceptible to oak wilt. The red oaks die completely in just a few weeks after getting the disease. White oaks like eastern white oak and bur oak are more resistant to this disease and may take several months or years before they succumb. Here we focus on this dangerous disease and attempt to answer the question: how does a tree service company fix Oak wilt?

Symptoms of Oak Wilt

The symptoms of oak wilt include the discoloration of leaves from the green color to a red or brown color. These colors tend to vary depending on the species of the tree. Finally, the leaves of an oak tree wilt and then fall off. This wilting process normally commences from the tip of a leaf and it starts from the top going down the oak tree. Oak wilt normally spreads in two diverse ways. One way is through the root system where about 90% of fresh infections happen via the roots. The second way is through overland spread where picnic beetles pick the fungus from an infected tree to a healthy one. The picnic beetle normally targets healthy oak trees with wounds.

How to Treat and Prevent Oak Wilt

How does a tree service company fix Oak wilt? This is a question that lingers in the minds of a majority of people. Well there are a number of ways that these companies employ to treat as well as prevent the spread of oak wilt. Tree companies often avoid pruning oaks from the month of April to September as these months are the highest risk. During this time the picnic beetle is always busy as the oak trees emit the most sap thus attracting them.

Chemical Injections and How Effective are they?

Various chemicals can be used to inject oaks in order to save them. This method has an effectiveness rate of 80 – 90%. This method is applied alongside the root graft disruption method to offer healthy oak trees with a survival chance. In some instances, this is the only option available to save oak trees from oak wilt. White oaks, with less than 30% of visible wilt can be saved through injections when they are caught early enough. It is not possible to save red oaks once they have exhibited oak wilt symptoms unless they were caught early on.

Root Graft Disruption

This method involves cutting off the roots that are found between the diseased trees and the healthy trees thereby breaking the root graft. This is carried out with the help of a trenching machine or a vibratory plow. Most plows consist of a blade that can manage to go downwards for five feet or even more. The deeper this blade goes then the more likely that this treatment method will work.

Tree Removal

Another treatment method for oak wilt is tree removal. Tree removal is effective as it prevents overland spread from taking place. Once the tree is removed, it should be well treated by cutting it into smaller pieces and burning debarking or chipping. You can also use a black plastic tarp from the months of April all the way to September before drying the wood. This wood can also be taken to a disposal site that is duly approved.

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